Wada Special Equipment is construction estimate software development company in japan.Our products are designed to be fast, effective, accurate and save time and remove the barriers to your construction cost estimating productivity.

Company NameWada Special Equipment Corporation
Location(Head Office) 3-4-6 Sakuradooriootsudaiichiseimei Bld., Nishiki, Nagoya Shi Naka Ku, Aichi Ken, 460-0003, Japan(map
(Tokyo Office)Marunouchi-Nakadori Building,2-2-3,Marunouchi,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan(map
Date of EstablishmentJun 20,1983
Paid-in Capital30million yen

Tetra21 Estimate software for the construction industry

Tetra21 is the estimated software for the construction industry.It is a comprehensive Windows-based client/server application which can be enough used also by network environment. Tetra21 — estimated matter management, estimate creation, exchange of estimated data, an estimated appraisal, a working budget, an approximate estimate, and repair plan etc. — it can apply seamlessly by one system.

Tetra 21 covers all construction industry to general contractors, a machine construction company, an electric facility installation company, a building possession company, a building development company, and a building management company.

Features of our estimating software

  • An estimate is made in easy operation of drag and drop.
  • The project controlling function which can take out an estimate needed immediately.
  • Since a database is proprietary, a commercial database and license purchase become unnecessary and can introduce by low cost.
  • For the estimate as you made at Japanese, you can print English estimate, after you confirm it at English.(To make that possible, English registration is necessary for a material master)
  • 日本語で作成された見積書を、英語で確認後に、英文の見積書として印刷することができます。(それを実現するには、あらかじめ部材マスターに英語での登録が必要です)